Drimaster Eco - the next generation of PIV for social housing providers

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Poor ventilation within Local Authority and Housing Association housing stock is a large and growing problem. Badly ventilated properties leads to problems such as streaming windows, mould growth and poor indoor air quality.

Without adequate ventilation, the moisture produced by washing, cooking and bathing remains trapped inside.  Modern lifestyles, energy-efficiency measures such as wall and loft insulation, and the rise in energy prices all contribute to the problem.

Nuaire’s DRIMASTER-ECO range is designed to rid the home of condensation dampness and indoor pollutants, and uses up to 20% less energy than the competition, solving problems with minimal energy and cost.  It means lower running and life cycle costs, benefiting both the occupant and housing provider.

The new DRIMASTER-ECO range boasts four models, ranging from standard loft controlled units to units with enhanced tamper proof controls housed in the diffuser.

A clever feature which sets the range apart from the competition is the unique location of the integral heater in the DRIMASTER-ECO-HEAT model. This pioneering design uses more of the heat created to temper the air rather than losing 3 to 4 degrees of heat through the duct like standard PIV designs.

Nuaire has taken its reliable and proven technology to the next level, introducing new features such as wireless controls and sensors which marks an exciting new direction for PIV. These features provide a benefit to the housing provider to ensure their tenants are living within a healthy living environment that is free from issues associated with condensation dampness.

 A unique feature is the sleek, modern circular diffuser that holds a fitting template for a hassle free installation and commissioning process that takes less than one hour.

Unlike other PIV systems on the market, the DRIMASTER-ECO range offers twice as much filter area so the filters are more effective for longer. 

Maintenance is minimal as the filters are changed every five years with up to 7 years warranty*.

*1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only.

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