Drimaster Eco - the next generation of PIV for private homeowners

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Nuaire has unveiled the next generation of its iconic Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) product range - namely the Drimaster-Eco.

Modern homes are often poorly ventilated leading to problems such as streaming windows, mould growth and poor indoor air quality.

Without adequate ventilation, the moisture produced by washing, cooking and bathing remains trapped inside.  Modern lifestyles, energy-efficiency measures such as wall and loft insulation, and double glazing all contribute to the problem.

PIV works by gently supplying fresh, filtered air into the property. The air is continually diluted, displaced and replaced to create a healthy indoor environment in which condensation cannot exist.

Nuaire has taken its reliable and proven technology to the next level, introducing new features such as wireless controls and sensors - which will provide a benefit to the home owner to ensure they have control over their home comfort.

Both the Drimaster Eco Link and Heat models boast the new, enhanced hall control with innovative remote control and sensor capabilities, including a Relative Humidity and CO2 sensor.  These sensors enable the Drimaster-Eco to respond accordingly when moisture and CO2 levels reach a set level and boost the fan to maintain good indoor air quality within the home.

Additional remote switches are also available to allow the homeowner to turn the integral heater on and off as required, and to boost the system at times when added ventilation is needed.

A unique feature is the sleek, circular ceiling diffuser which houses the system controls. This allows complete control of the unit from the hallway without having to enter the loft.

Nuaire’s new exciting Drimaster Eco range has been designed with the private homeowner in mind to provide full control of their indoor environment. 

Maintenance is minimal as the filters are changed every five years with up to 7 years warranty*.

*1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only.

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