Products are designed with the latest software tools, including 3D CAD solid modelling. Every product is tested during development and manufacture, and is supplied with a comprehensive guarantee of quality.

Nuaire's multi-million pound test facilities are among the most advanced and comprehensive in the world, designed to meet the latest industry standards. Two reverberant chambers (Type D and Type A configurations) test for both aerodynamic and acoustic performance. Clients are welcome to visit the laboratories for 'witness testing' and these laboratories are also in demand from other companies to test their products.

The quality assurance that these facilities deliver is recognised throughout the industry. Nuaire's commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of quality is recognised by external organisations and the company has achieved accreditation by Exor, Constructionline and CIPS - Sustainability Index. This puts Nuaire among an elite group of companies which have undergone an active and robust programme of checking, testing and independent validation.