Nuaire is a market leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and domestic energy efficient ventilation systems. The company has been in operation for more than 50 years and now employs around 370 staff from its South Wales site in Caerphilly, which houses the design and manufacture of its products, split between 2,424m2 of office area and 10,891m2 of manufacturing area.

Reducing the environmental impact of the business is a high priority for Nuaire. Since achieving the Green Dragon Level 5 accreditation in 2006, the company was keen to improve its overall environmental performance and implement a strategy. In 2009, Nuaire demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint when it became one of the first manufacturers in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard. This was as a result of Nuaire measuring, managing and reducing its carbon emissions by 2.5% year on year, and in turn committing to continue to reduce them in the years to come. In June 2011, the company was audited by the Carbon Trust and successfully retained the accreditation for a further two years.

Nuaire has also established a positive working relationship with the Welsh Government to ensure it is at the forefront of its sector, gaining Government funding to support a recent £2m investment in a new sheet metal forming system. The new machine has reduced the oil on site by consuming only 55,000kWh, costing £4,400 per, replacing the existing machine which consumed 760,350kWh, costing £61,000 per year. As well as a reduction in the overall processing time due to the increased system capacity, the new machinery will help Nuaire in its drive to further reduce its carbon footprint.

As a leading designer of low-energy ventilation products, Nuaire has long been recognised as an innovator in new technology to continue driving down energy-usage in its commercial and residential products. Nuaire pioneered and was the first to introduce low voltage, energy-saving control systems and fans with 'Ecosmart' technology to vary the ventilation rate to suit changing occupant levels. Ecosmart minimises energy loss by reducing the heating and cooling requirements of the ventilation, not only saving energy and carbon emissions but also prolonging the life of the fan unit.

Nuaire has made real progress in its bid to further reduce waste and carbon emission. The company hopes that its achievements will encourage other UK manufacturers to follow in its footsteps. Nuaire has demonstrated how, through the implementation of a strategic carbon and waste reduction programme, a business can not only help the region within which it operates towards reaching its overall carbon reduction targets, but in doing so can also make a significant positive impact financially on individual business operations and financial outgoings.

Andy Mudie, Marketing Manager at Nuaire comments:

"At Nuaire we have taken our environmental stance very seriously. Within an industry prone to greenwashing and thinking that planting a few trees and carbon offsetting is acceptable, we have looked for real, tangible and measurable ways to make a difference. Initially we started with Green Triangles and gained Green Dragon Awards up to the maximum Level 5. We then worked internally to set up 'Green Teams' and created a full environmental manual.

"After achieving ISO14001, we were the first ventilation company and only a handful of companies in Wales to gain the coveted Carbon Trust Standard. I am proud to say that Nuaire is a truly green company. With our bright blue logo - even our marketing materials now say blue is the new green!"